Recruiting two research positions

In our laboratory, we seek two specially appointed researchers/assistant professors (with fixed-term appointments) to promote the Kakenhi Basic Research S project, which started in the fiscal year 2023. Although applications will be submitted through JREC (Japan Research Career Information Network) (not yet open), please feel free to direct any questions to Okanoya ( The research will focus on communication behavior and its neural mechanisms, targeting either humans or rats. We are recruiting one researcher for human studies and one researcher for rats studies. For humans, the primary methods will involve behavioral measurement using turn-taking tasks and brainwave measurement. For rats, the main methods will involve operant conditioning and electrophysiology. Even if you have no prior experience with these techniques, guidance will be provided as long as you are motivated. Salary and other details are negotiable. The annual salary for the specially appointed researcher is expected to be around 4-5 million yen, and for the specially appointed assistant professor, around 5-6 million yen. Even if you do not hold a doctoral degree, please apply if you have a research interest. It is also possible to obtain a doctoral degree while conducting research here. Although it is subject to annual renewal, if the research progresses well, the contract can be extended until the end of the fiscal year 2027. The recruitment is now posted in JREC (in Japanese)

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